Sucia Island
of the San Juan Islands
Washington State


My husband and I have been wanting to go to Sucia Island for some time now. My husband's buddies have been telling him about the camping there. We haven't camped out for a long time and island camping sounded like a great adventure. But first we wanted to "test the waters" and see what was there.

We were pleasantly surprised at what we found. We took our oldest grand daughter with us. Hopefully I can tell you our adventures and show you pictures without her little fanny in the way! She loves to hang over the edge of he boat and play in the water! We have many photo's with her, but I had to omit a bunch of them due to her fanny being in the way!


Entering the mouth of Echo Bay we passed by a small inlet along Ewing Island. Which is just one of several smaller islands that make up the Sucia Islands. Here we saw first hand our first unoccupied mooring buoy. The rest of the moores were all taken! (We needed more moores!)

So we wandered out of the inlet to do some more exploring.



This is our approach into Echo Bay, the largest mooring area and "beachiest" area to pitch a tent on the main island. Dozens of vessels were there. Sailboats, small yachts as well as several smaller pleasure crafts such as ours. I swear those that were "bigger" had bigger dingys than our boat!!! But we were not intimidated. The people all seemed very nice.



Here is one of those beautiful vessels with Mount Baker in the background. You can also tell that we are quite a bit away from our home in Bellingham, WA!


Here we are heading out of Echo Bay to find Fossil Bay which my husband was told is the best place to camp on all of Sucia Island. This is the passage between North Finger Island and South Finger Island


Entering Fossil Bay we could see right away that this was a favorite place for many people. Although it has many mooring buoys and a dock most of them were taken already. The people who had dingys just anchored farther out and dingied to shore. Camping here is on a "first come first serve" basis and we were definitely not first this weekend!


Here is a closer look in Fossil Bay. Excuse my darling grand daughter. She loves to explore, too! She was more interested in what was in the water! 


We decided to keep exploring Sucia and left Fossil Bay and went around to the south end to stop and eat some lunch and drown a worm! That's all we did. Drowned a worm!


This is where we stopped for a bit. It was a beautiful and quiet place to sit and relax. Oh ya...and drown another worm!


Rounding the point just south of little Sucia Island we found ourselves looking back into Fox Cove. It's a nice little secluded area to moore your boat, camp and explore the southern most parts of the island. The Fox Cove area also offers some good viewing possibilities at sunset. 


Heading back towards Bellingham Bay we come across a whole bunch of friendly and playful sea puppies sunning themselves on the rocks! You can see the Canadian Rockies in the background.

Exploring both Matia Island and Sucia was really a worth while experience. I can't wait to go camping later on, now that we know the in's and out's. We'll be able to explore them more up close and personal. I hope you will follow along!


My husband and I got a wild hair and went camping out on Sucia this last summer. What an experience we had! You can see all the gorgeous scenery and photo's that we took, even of our "beached boat!" I wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the world. It was a lovely weekend out on Sucia Island. You can read about it and see it on my Facebook page about our Sucia Island Camping experience, here! It will open into a new window...Enjoy, especially if you need a good laugh!

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