Welcome to Bellingham, WA

The City of Subdued Excitement

Here's your laid-back look into the city of Bellingham, WA, also known as, The City of Subdued Excitement. While visiting the city, I found it to be like a little bit of "paradise on earth". Now that I live here, I want to share with you what the "excitement" is all about!

Bellingham's Location

The city is located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States in Whatcom County in the Emerald State of Washington. It sits approximately 90 miles north of Seattle and 130 miles south from Whistler, B.C., home to the world's 2010 Winter Olympics, is tucked between the majestic Mount Baker and sits along the edge of the mezmerizing Bellingham Bay...


Why Bellingham?

After that video, I can only ask..."why not?" There is such an intriguing and rich history of Bellingham WA. The city offers such a year around outdoor beauty that is surrounded by natural cascading landscape's and beautiful lakes and many lucious parks.

Bellingham has been boasted by many publications for being:

  • The "Best Paddling Town in the U.S."
  • Having the "Cleanest Air"
  • Among the "Best Places to Retire" and,
  • One of the "Most Secure Places to Live
  • One of "America's Best Kept Secrets"

Bellingham, WA is a must stop travel spot for outdoor enthusiasts and water-lovers alike. Do you love the great outdoors?

To satisfy your "call of the wild", the city offers kayaking, sailing around the beautiful San Juan Islands, scuba diving with the world's largest octopus in Bellingham Bay, as well as miles and miles of hiking trails throughout the city.

The winter time is a great time to visit as well. You can include skiing upon world-famous majestic Mount Baker. There many indoor winter activities in Bellingham as well!

All this and more makes this town such a great spot for your year around indoor/outdoor enjoyment and vacation pleasure.

Bellingham Accommodations

Think of Bellingham-Subdued-Excitement.com as your personal guide to discovering and exploring this "Little Masterpiece of Low-Keyed Eloquence." Looking through the pages of this website you will find easy access to information with resources and accommodations you may need such as:

  • Cheap to Luxury Hotels, B&B's
  • Transportation to get you around, as well as, get you here
  • Things to do in and around town
  • Hiking Trails
  • Great Places to Dine
  • Updated Entertainment Guide
  • Museums and Art Galleries to visit
  • Lots of pictures and video's from around our beautiful city
  • Local Forums, and, should you, like me, decide to stay...
  • Find jobs in Bellingham WA

The people in our city are as diverse and "entertaining" as anything else the city has to offer. They really do make up the whole gamut! From the eclectic to the eccentric, from the eloquent to the sublime. In the diversity of people here, you may find a little bit of yourself...

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